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How to write a good research paper

good research paperWhen it comes to academics, many students find it hard to differentiate between different academic papers such as essays, research papers or coursework. In this article you will be able to explore the meaning of research paper and how to write a good research paper for your lecturer. First of all, writing a good research paper needs a lot of understanding of the topic and the ability to put a logical set of information to one paper from different sources. That is, doing much research on the topic from different sources and combining them considering the academic needs. Also, consider having a positive attitude and belief when conducting the research from different academic sources. It is crucial and important to avoid obtaining information from non-academic sources or from websites that provide shallow information on the chosen topic. In that manner, you will be able to achieve supreme excellence and perfection when it comes to putting down research papers for your college degree.

In the following steps, you will understand the procedural techniques that will help you write a good research paper:

1. Choose a topic

There exist two ways in which one can choose a topic for a research paper. The first one is that the Lecturer may provide the topic or may provide students with an opportunity to find a topic in the subject and write research paper. In many cases, students do shallow research and at the end they find themselves writing essays instead of research papers. If you are one of these kinds, then this article will help you in drafting a good research paper. When you are choosing a topic, narrow it down to be manageable. For instance, in a field such as sociology, you may choose a topic such as “Gender issues in the United States” instead of just “Gender issues”. This will help you focus on the same matter but in a limited area, thus making the task manageable. This is what many researchers call it being specific in the subject matter of research. After such selection, determine the amount of efforts and enthusiasm that you can place during the process of drafting the research paper. It is also important to find the lecturer approval of the chosen topic. The teacher will also be able to give you further guidance on what you’re expected to do when it comes to the part of research and writing the final paper.
research paper2. Find the informational guides from libraries and surfing the net
The 21st century has been known as information age. People depend much on surfing internet to get information that helps them in their daily activities. As a student, one of the important activities is writing academic papers as part of receiving you degree or research work. As highlighted earlier, avoid sites that provide shallow information. Check on important URLs, search engines, encyclopedia and online libraries. When finding information from net, be able to evaluate websites critically and eliminate irrelevant sites from the list of selected sites.
Is there any substitute of school library? This has been one of the questions that has lingered minds of many students over the ages. Before the 21st century, students majorly made use of print articles and books when it came to doing their research. In this digital or technological age, there are many online libraries under the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) that can help a student obtain information regarding the research paper to be written. These online databases include eLibrary, SIRS, AgeLine, Google Scholar, ProQuest etc. Other sources of writing an academic paper include periodicals, newspapers, magazines, journals, and the government agencies papers. Make sure that selected documents or information has bibliography information to enable you cite its source. Note that there are different types of academic referencing including APA, MLA, IEEE, Havard, Chicago etc. If you are are unable to do good referencing please consult experts.

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3. Make a good thesis and outline

When it comes to any form of writing, there is a need to write a good thesis that highlights the declaration of your belief. After writing the thesis and collecting the information for the research paper, then there is need to write a good outline. The outline helps you carefully organize and write a tentative research paper in a logically manner. After writing this draft, it is advisable to check on the flow of the points from the INTRODUCTION, BODY AND CONCLUSION. In the introduction make sure that the thesis, purpose, and analysis of the problem. In the outline of the body, make sure that you present main points that will help you develop the draft. For instance, the points in our previous topic “Gender issues in the United States” may include gender inequality in the United States, depression of women looking for jobs in the United States, issues facing modern feminism, women empowerment among other subtopics. In the conclusion, restate the thesis and summarize the main argument.
4. Organize the notes in a draft.
When writing a draft, note that there are issues such as plagiarism. Plagiarism has been known to be the worst academic crime as it involves the copying or paraphrasing of other authors or researchers work without permission. Does this mean that I do not need to use other people’s work? Absolutely, No. When it comes to academic work or working on a research paper writing, then it is important to read widely and do further research. Therefore, in accordance to the drafted outline, write in your own words the draft rather than copying. If you can quote, summarize or paraphrase any work, make sure you put a bibliography according to the referencing style being applied. It is important to critically analyze the research data to check the factual, up-to-date, and correct information to validate the research work. Ensure that the stated thesis is supported by the data drafted as you analyze, synthesize, sort and arrange the information. In this section ensure that you include your thoughts, ideas and research findings. As you think about “how to write a good research paper”, please follow this guidelines.
research paper sample5. Revise your outline and draft
One of the best practice when writing an academic paper is looking back at what you have written. This can be done before writing the final paper. Can I get an expert who can revise my draft? If you need assistance for your academic drafts, seek help from As highlighted earlier, this section provide you with techniques on how to write a good research paper. First, read the draft and the outline for any errors. Rearrange where necessary and ensure that the purpose of the research paper is meet. When doing the grammar and proofreading, use software such as Grammarly.
There exist some points that need to be checked before completing the research paper:
a) Ensure that thesis is specific, concise and clear
b) Ensure that ideas are presented logically
c) Ensure that points written and arguments support the thesis statement
d) Ensure all the sources are cited properly at the end of the paper and in-text worked using the proper bibliography techniques.
e) Ensure that each paragraph start with capital letter and a topic sentence
f) Make sure you avoid contractions such as can’t or don’t. Instead make use of cannot and do not respectively.
g) Avoid phrases such as I think when writing a research paper, essay, term paper, coursework or any other form of academic writing.
When the above points are adhered in a research paper, then you will be able to draft a good research paper.

job analysis example6. Type the final paper

Most of the papers written must be printed. Make sure that you typeset and print the final document using a good quality papers and printed. In some cases binding your work is a good idea. In the final paper proofread for any spelling, punctuation, missing and duplicated words. Also, use turnitin to check for any plagiarized work.
I hope this article, “how to write a good research paper” has been so helpful to you. Check on our services and get assistance to write a good academic papers and score good grades.

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