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English Questions

Work on the following English questions?


Description I need the paper on Dec.1,2017 This is about acculturation/migration of 4 racial groups(indian americans,african americans,chicana/no,asian/pacific americans. 1,800 words not including the block quotes, title page or bibliography. Need 8 credible sources. I also need a acculturation thesis

galileo galilei

Description has portfolio about galileo galilei
Description For CIS class. Find 3 & 3 articles relate to how robots penetrate the industry or how robots are changing the industry. Provide the link for each article and summarize each article in one paragraph with easy English. Place all 3 paragraphs in an MS Word document. Separate 3 articles in one document with


Description The primary project associated with this course is the development of a “Strategic Planning Guide” to assist a local public safety agency (sector, organization) in undertaking a strategic planning process. Specifically,, you are to consider yourself a consultant with the task of creating a new (and, ideally innovative) planning model for public safety organizations
Description The topic of the research paper is “Immigration Reform” of illegal immigrants and must be argumentative or persuasive, which means that the thesis is arguable and that someone can reasonably hold an opposing view. Additionally, make sure that your research paper is 6-7 pages in length. Must be written in third person. Includes a

Insanity Defense

Description In 750-1,000 words, discuss the following: Identify the different forms for the insanity defense. Identify the most common insanity defense applied by the States. Describe how often the insanity defense raised. Discuss how a criminal defendant assessed for insanity. Describe how a psychologist would be utilized as an expert witness to prove or disprove
Description i want a power point paper seminar presentation.30 minutes presentation.

Human Sexuality

Description Do online coarsework for Human Sexuality.


Description explain how the populist movement affected political developments in the PNW in the late 19th centurydiscuss the rise of organized labor in the PNW. What were the main labor unions that formed in the late 19th to early 20th centuries? Who were the Wobblies and how did they affect developments in the PNW during